Game of Thrones in 6mm

As a huge fan of the TV series, and one who is reading the books (or more precisely, listening to the audiobooks whilst painting), I decided to start a Game of Thrones project in the awesome 6mm scale.

6mm is great, because it allows you to get a lot painted up in one sitting, and it also allows you to field large armies and get that true 'mass effect'. You can almost imagine being on top of a huge hill, looking down on your troops.

Whilst I appreciate I'm not the best painter known to man, I think these are looking good for a novice. I particularly like the flags - which I made myself! As you can see, I started off with the Starks - my favourite faction.

Please let me know what you think.

My first blog

Hi all,

Thought I'd try something new out, so I've decided to start a new blog - mainly about my hobbies and interests.

So here goes:
I am currently a teacher in a secondary school in the UK. I am probably the definition of a geek... I love science, I love history and I love fantasy. So it's probably not a huge surprise to you that I teach science, I am a re-enactor and I am a wargamer.

Look out for new content, when I post it.